Magic Mushroom Ceremony with live music

2024-07-08 09:00:00

The magic mushrooms are a tool for you to dive deeper into your own subconciousness, explore your psyche and open your heart. When the mushrooms take their effect, and the live music starts, the magical fusion of these two will take you on a journey unlike anything else. Experienced psychedelic travellers know that these journeys always differ from one another and can give you deep meaningful insights and help you release mental blocks which keep you from growing into your full potential.

Upon arrival we will get to know each other a little before we drink the magic mushroom tea. This will be a mixture of truffels, ginger, lemon and honey. You are allowed to chose your own dosage with a maximum of 30 grams of fresh truffels.

The effects of the mushrooms will start within 15 to 45 minutes. Once the effects of the mushroom start, I will play live music for you on tonguedrum, handpan, guitar, drums and much much more... Once we are all deeply journeying with the mushrooms, I will come and sing a song for you which is tuned to your energy at that moment. After everyone received their personal song, we will take some time before we go outside and make a fire. After a while I will serve some freshly prepared food. We will round off the night together and go to sleep in the ceremony space.

The day after we will have breakfast at 09.30h. After breakfast we'll have a closing circle and you are free to leave from 11.30h on.


About me
Ivo van Dijk born april 23rd 1982.

My personal experience of 14+ years with plantmedicine, studying traditional teachings and working with several facilitators throughout the Netherlands have led me to create my own ceremony with the magic mushrooms. My lifelong path as a musician makes it so I can play live music during the whole of the ceremony on a variety of instruments, and always tune into with what the right "soundtrack" for that moment of the ceremony is. Creating these sacred musical spaces, connecting with others and bringing joy and creativity, while maintaining a healthy dose of much needed grounding in this world full of turmoil, is something I love to do. Me and my beautiful wife Sophie also compose music for media and perform in theater, in bands, and do so much more related to the creative arts. These ceremonies however, are a strong expression of the medicine that, in my opinion, we need in this world; for you to be witness of, to connect with each other and to understand and learn from each other! In ceremony we are together, and we do the work together...

My main goal is to inspire your creative mindset, I work from a place of full understanding for whatever it is that you bring into the ceremony. Safety within the group and as individual is always guarded. I will always contact you for a screening call to see if it is safe for you to participate and to answer all your questions.

Date & Time
Saturday 12th of October - Gather at 18:00h
Sunday 13th of October - Closing at 12:00h

Brette Hoanne
Molenweg 10
8536 TL Oosterzee

EUR 220,-
incl. food after ceremony, breakfast and sleeping facility

Want to book or have questions?
Call/Whatsapp/Telegram: +31(0)6 51 555667